Tool making services and stamping products of high-quality and for competitive prices are produced in our company in environmentally friendly production processes.

COMPLETE solutions

Our activity is strategically directed to manufacturing various products, semi-finished products and services for the car, electro and timber industries, parts for climbers', medical equipment, etc. We also offer other tool making services.


Stamping Eccentric presses of more than 10t allow the classic stamping. All sorts of punched products can be manufactured.

Stamping tools and appliances

Electrical discharge machining services

Our company uses several WEDM techniques, the main products are: tools for sheet-metal recasting, cutters and dies from one work piece (for simple and cheap tools), small-series products, cut at once.

Hydraulic presses


Other services


By having achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate we assure a high quality level of our products and services.