Our many years' activity and development on the demanding industrial market have given us a broad and diverse knowledge and a lot of experience.


production processes

Tool making services and stamping products of high-quality and for competitive prices are produced in our company in environmentally friendly production processes.

Our main advantage by all means is short delivery terms and high-quality products. Such working policy provides us a high level of flexibility, high productivity and satisfaction of our loyal customers and business partners.

Our vision is to be the most adaptable and effective partner to customers in the process of developing a product from the scheme to its functional use.Our partners also appreciate our innovativeness at searching for technological solutions.



Stamping tools

EDM Sevices

Tool making services

The company has existed since 1980 when the trade was started.

In the very beginning there were only few employees. With the development and growth of the company the number of workers began to increase, too.

Nowadays this modern and technologically well equipped company employs on average 18 to 20 workers.